Written by Lindsay Vega


Posted on March 10 2022







Purpose: The Reason for which something is done or Created or for which something. exists.


 Let's Talk about This Gorgeous Artwork! I reached Out to The Amazing Mar Bertran a Artist From Figueres, Spain. There is so much that is incorporated in this image and I wanted to breakdown. a few things so that you can truly appreciate what you see.

I believe in divine connection and timing, My proof is in this artwork. When i asked Mar to create this she had full creative control and all i sent her way was 3 headshots and my business logo and told her my favorite color is blue. that I wanted to convey my love for Yarn and My Joy in giving it to you all.

What she doesn't know, what I never mentioned are all the little things that I believe are signs that tell me she was the right choice to create this and that I am on the Right path. The Use of the Crescent Moon is a symbol for my spirituality and religion. it appears in the upper left hand side over the nyc skyline and I thought that was amazing. the connection to my faith was the first thing I noticed.

The details within my face also made me cry because the beauty in it is that she captured ME, not the person that went through hardships but the person that I always dreamed I could be. the person that I know. The placement of the hands is perfect to convey a healing touch. the stars on my cheeks is a representation of my freckles and the braids are my protective go to hairstyle. the image as a whole screams Afro-latina to me. Then finally the gorgeous blue knitted sweater with the color-work throughout representing the designer in me. I'm glad to have had the foresight in hiring Mar she is so gifted and I am so grateful for her art.

I believe that spreading Joy to others has a huge impact on our Happiness & Wellbeing!

My Goal is to make a difference one person at ta time. In the world we live in being kind and spreading Joy is an act of humanity and my Super Power!!

Creating Our yarns is a form of therapy. Sending them to you and giving you joy in every piece is real happy mail.

My gift to all of you is:  #JOYTHROUGHYARN

But it doesn't end there... 

I also added this beautiful image to our latest Merch. which you can currently find in Our Trinkets and Baubles Section.