About Us



 Five Borough Yarns was created on a hot Summer day in 2019 while I was planning a new design pattern. As a Crocheter and a Knitter, My mind is always on the finished design. I love the stories you can tell with the intricate stitches and the gorgeous fabric you can make from uniquely colored yarns. I simply thought it felt natural to incorporate color into my world. To dye each skein and create a finished work is all Love. In each stitch and design, I want to leave my heart and positive vibes. I also want to take people on a journey and give them a piece of joy when they use our colorways!!

Walking through the city of New York, you come across so many people from all walks of life and when approaching my yarn dyeing journey I wanted to take all the essence of that feeling you get and put it into my work. Creating Chic color palettes and thinking about the edgy vibe of one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world.

During my dyeing process, I have a book where I write down all of the inspiration behind each colorway and all the recipes. I immerse each small batch into a dye bath and I love playing with color breaking and using my background in makeup artistry as well as Digital Design and Animation to play with color theory and create new color blends. I hope to Continue dyeing yarn in New and Creative ways.

The Future of Five Borough Yarns is unlimited and open to all forms of inspiration.
Please Come along this Journey with Us. Follow along on Instagram @fiveboroughyarns where we will share all the work in progress as well as all the beautiful items made using our yarns.

XoXo, Lindsay