1. How do I Wash My Yarn?

FBY Recommends Washing your finished Project in cool/ Luke Warm Water. Using a wool wash is also recommended for proper Conditioning of the yarn. Do Not Machine Dry, Lay Flat to dry or block Item. It will help maintain the Integrity of the yarn.

 2. What Does a Pre-Order mean?

Preorders are what most of our collection releases are comprised of. The collection is released on multiple bases where you can select and order based on your needs and has a usual 8 to 10 week Turn around Time. Processing time begins when the collection closes. it does NOT begin as soon as you place your order.

3. Will My Yarn look exactly as pictured?

All color-ways are dyed in small batches - meaning that each skein while using the same dye recipe, will be slightly unique due to the nature of The dyeing process, variations will occur but we aim to make each batch accurate to the images we have included. we suggest buying as much as you will need for a project so that you have a better chance of seamless blending. We Also recommend Alternating your Skeins when using multiple skeins for your project.

4. Can I return Or Exchange my order?

Five borough Yarns does not accept returns or exchanges.

5. what about refunds?

FBY does NOT give refunds due to the nature of the hand dyed yarn business and process.

(unique cases may apply.)


General Processing Times:

Ready to Ship: 1- 2 weeks  turnaround.

Preorders: 8-10 Weeks Turnaround.

Special Edition Releases: 12 weeks turnaround.

Trinket & bauble Items 3 to 5 Business Days.